“I brought you everything it takes to save a nation,
now take it and save yourself.”

– The Holy Prophet Noble Drew Ali –

Prophet Noble Drew Ali

I, the Prophet, truly believe that my people will find the true and Divine way of their forefathers, and learn to stop serving carnal customs and merely ideas of man, that have never done them any good, but have always harmed them.

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We Are Moorish Americans

All true American citizens are identified by national descent names to answer and apply to the free national constitution of this free National Republic of the United States of America.

This is no social organization, it is a divine and national movement. By you being born here doesn’t make you a citizen (one must proclaim his nationality to be recognized as a citizen).

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Rebuilding a Nation


There is enough work for all to do in helping to build a better world. The problems of life are largely social and economic. In a profound sense, they are moral and spiritual.

We must promote economic security. A beggar people cannot develop the highest in them, nor can they attain a genuine enjoyment of the spiritualities of life.

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Learn Even More About MSTA

Read carefully the doctrines of The Moorish Science Temple of America. It contains our hopes, aims, rules and articles of religion.

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Contribute to Building a Nation

Calling all true American citizens for moral support and finance to help the Moorish Science Temple of America in its great missionary work.

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